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CAL Essentials for Organization Leaders (CAL-EO)

"Blend empiricism, a growth mindset, self-awareness, empathy and an understanding of organizational agility to become an agile leader, moving from command and control, to encourage and enable."

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CAL Essentials for Organization Leaders

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The Grow-Lean Certified Agile Leadership Essentials (CAL-E) / Organization (CAL-O) combines two classes into one comprehensive session. You start with the CAL-E, and understand the core principles and values underlying agile methods, as well as your role in supporting and promoting them. In the second half, the CAL-O, you learn how to be effective in supporting agile programs and portfolios and craft a template for organizational transformation and change management with minimum risk and maximum impact.


The Scrum Alliance’s Certified Agile Leadership program consists of three initial one-day workshops (CAL-E, CAL-T and CAL-O) followed by a validated experience certification (CAL-II). The workshops can be taken separately or in various combinations. This is a combined session, the CAL-E+O, that includes the CAL-E + CAL-O.

Grow-Lean’s CAL Essentials for Organization Leaders (CAL-E+O) program is perfect for leaders looking to launch or enhance agility at both the team and organizational level. It is taught by an experienced executive who has worked with companies across the private and public sectors since the genesis of the agile movement. No question will remain unanswered or given vague treatment in this class; with 20 years of real-world transformation experience we will discuss and address your real-world problems.

Certified Agile Leadership Essentials (CAL-E) teaches how agile leaders ought to think, focus, and behave. It covers why agile methods are necessary in today’s complex and ever-changing environment, what some of the leading methods are, how to drive change in an iterative and incremental fashion, and the leader’s role in driving agility throughout an organization.

Certified Agile Leadership for Organizations (CAL-O) shows C-suite leaders and directors the knowledge, skills, and techniques that will help them to work toward sustainable agility for their organizations. It will illustrate how to measure the impact of agility, how to shape and scale adaptive organizations, how to design successful change management strategies and how to develop personally to become a more agile executive.

What You Learn, CAL-E Learning Objectives...

In the CAL-E, you understand the core principles and values underlying agile methods, as well as your role in supporting and promoting them, allowing you to think and act different.

The Growth of Agile

The markets you and your company execute in, are increasingly volatile, unpredictable, complex, and ambiguous (known as VUCA). Agile methods create short feedbacks loops to maximize learning and allow for intelligent adaptation based on the learning.

Why Agile Leadership

Agile methods were created to deal with VUCA in software development, but delivering great products and services requires end-to-end flow that expands beyond technology silos. Agile leaders increase flow across the silos and eventually eliminate them.

What Agile Leadership Entails

Agile leadership requires different approaches to planning, tracking, and managing work, Agile leaders need to understand the value of empiricism a growth mindset in driving agility at scale.

Becoming an Agile Leader

The best leaders blend strong self-awareness with empathy for their employees and a nuanced understanding of the business and customer environment to apply situational leadership. Driving lasting change requires less commanding and more active supporting.

What You Learn, CAL-O Learning Objectives...

In the CAL-O, you learn how to be effective in supporting agile programs and portfolios by crafting a template for organizational transformation and by apply organization change management for minimum risk and maximum impact.

How Leaders Enable Agility

Creating an agile culture is an iterative and incremental process like that seen in agile methods themselves. Leaders play a fundamental role in modeling agile behaviors and creating a system in which experimentation and learning can be facilitated without undue risk to the business.

Agile Organizational Design Strategies

Basic agile teams are cross-functional, encapsulating dependencies to support strong ownership. speed, quality, and adaptability. Agile organizations effectively connect dependent business units in a way that optimizes the flow of value from planning through delivery and into operations.

Driving Agility as a Leader

Empirical approaches such as Scrum rely on rapidly delivering capabilities in a way that allows for quick learning and adaptation. Leaders play a critical part in enabling this through focused portfolio management, modular planning, and adaptive governance.

...What You Earn

This workshop will confer the CAL-E and CAL-O certifications, as well as make you eligible to apply for the CAL II validated experience certification. You will leave with the basic skills necessary to start or expand agile delivery at your organization.

Certification Information for CAL-E + CAL-O

  • No additional charge to become certified.
  • No exam required at present.
  • Must attend a minimum of fourteen hours class time to become certified.
  • Two years Scrum Alliance Membership included.

Start and Continue Your Certified Agile Leadership (CAL) Journey with Grow-Lean

In addition to the CAL-E,CAL-O (Organization) and CAL-T (Team).

Grow-Lean is an approved Scrum Alliance Path to Certified Scrum Professional (CSP) Provider offering a range of classes that can grow your career, in the Certified ScrumMaster, Certified Scrum Product Owner, and Certified Agile Leader Pathways.

Grow-Lean is an approved Scrum Alliance Registered Education Provider (REP), meaning that we can list and deliver continuing education classes that earn you Scrum Education Units® (SEUs).

Pre-Class Reading and Videos

Maximize your learning with preparation

Pre-reading for the your Scrum Alliance CAL Essentials for Organization Leaders training.
If you have time prior to the session, you can benefit by by clicking here to check free reading material and videos.
  • Start with a short read, the Agile Manifesto and the principles behind it.
  • Spend a bit more time reading the Scrum Guide. It is thirteen light pages.
  • Have some more time, watch the Scrum Alliance videos.
  • Even more time, check the CAL Essentials for Organization Leaders specific material (also specified on the same page).

Session Schedule

CAL Essentials for Organization Leaders (CAL-EO)

Two Days - Live Online Classroom
Trainer: Arlen Bankston
9:00 AM - 5:30 PM (EST)
USD 1,595
Two Days Live Online
valid till 8 Dec
Arlen Bankston
$133 a month or less
9:00 AM (EST)
5:30 PM (EST)
1,595 USD
valid till 8 Dec

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Immersive Classroom Experience

A mix of technologies and interactive approaches

For both virtual an in person events, we keep the training interactive.

  • Virtual: We use Zoom as the core virtual technology and we use Mural as virtual space where we run exercises, and play educational games, resulting in an interactive session.
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