Want to find out more about how training, consulting and coaching can grow your agilility?

About Us

Grow your capabilities and ROI while reducing complexity, bureaucracy, and burden.

Grow-Lean LLC® provides agile training, coaching and consulting, to assist individuals, teams, and organizations apply agile and lean methods to grow capability, while reducing complexity, bureaucracy, and burden. For corporations, we serve as a growth catalyst, leveraging your internal staff. For training events we provide high quality and we rarely cancel public sessions, and we will never cancel late due to low enrollment.

We are experienced across the value stream from ideation (concept) to delivery (cash). We are practicalm not dogmatic, and we apply what works in your context. We have serviced organizations from startups to the Fortune 50 worldwide (North America, Europe, Australia, South Africa and India) focusing on the US. We have served over 25,000 individuals through consulting, speaking, training, and coaching.

Geographies Served

Geographical borders are not boundaries for our services; we work where you work.

Grow-Lean LLC headquarters is located in the East Coast of the United States. We support clients worldwide, including Australia, Europe, India, North America and South Africa.

We can deliver virtual support if your team is highly distributed, or travel to multiple locations if your team is dispersed but concentrated into pockets.

If you need long term support at a location, we can provide staff augmentation directly, or via a network partner.