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Hardship Discount

Hardships Discounts are for those with unplanned separations from work.

Grow-Lean offers hardship discounts to the unemployed.

  • For those out of work, we will review your request, and, depending on the number of reduced price seats remaining, potentially provide a discount off of full price. If you provide proof of unemployment compensation from a state unemployment office, the potential reduction may be higher.
  • If you are employed, but paying on your own, please request a self-pay discount.
Discounts are not combinable, are offered at the discretion of Grow-Lean, are off of full price, and there is a limited number allocated for each session. If you are interested please complete the form below. If you don't hear from us in 24 hours, please send an email to Training@Grow-Lean.Com.

If receive a discount code from us, your discount will remain valid until the time limit or total count threshold is reached, whichever comes first. As such please register immediately after receiving a code.

Our trainers have trained several thousand people, and we receive high training reviews. We have assisted numerous students prepare for interviews and in other ways improve their chances of obtaining employment. If you attend our class you will go beyond mechanics and begin to understand the core tenets of agile in a way that may help separate you from others interviewing for a position. But, please remember, this certification, althought likley to increase the number of interviews you receive, does not guarantee you will be offered a job.

Request a Hardship Discount

Provide Your Information.

Provide your information in the form below.

  • Be ethical when filling out this form so that we can provide discounts to those that are truly in need.
  • If you are currently unemployed, and collecting unemployment, attach a recent statement from your state unemployment office.
  • If you are not receiving unemployment compensation, but you are unemployment, please attach a supporting material such as a termination letter from your prior employer to be considered for a discount code.
  • When attaching your documentation cover social security numbers and all, similar, private information prior to uploading the document.

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