We like to help those in need. So if we can help with your discount request, please reach out?

Hardship Discount

Hardship discounts are for those who are not currently employed.

  • Take advantage of a hardship discount if you are unemployed or otherwise experiencing a difficult situation.
  • Certified ScrumMaster
    • Mon 11/29 - Tue 11/30
    • Live Online
    • Regular Price: $995
  • Please be honest so discounts are available for those most in need.
  • In the organization field enter the last company you worked for, or "None".
  • If you are currently collecting unemployment, attach a recent statement from your state unemployment office.
  • If you are not receiving unemployment compensation please attach supporting material such as a termination letter.
  • When attaching your documentation cover social security numbers and all, similar, private information prior to uploading the document.
  • In the explanation field specify how long you have been unemployed or what your situation is.
Please enter all fields prior to submitting. You will likely need to scroll down.