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Hardship Discount

Hardship discounts are for those who are not currently employed.

  • Take advantage of a hardship discount if you are unemployed or otherwise experiencing a difficult situation.
  • Certified ScrumMaster
    • Sat 4/18 - Sun 4/19
    • Live Online
    • Regular Price: $1,295
  • Please be honest so discounts are available for those most in need.
  • In the organization field enter the last company you worked for, or "None".
  • If you are currently collecting unemployment, attach a recent statement from your state unemployment office.
  • If you are not receiving unemployment compensation please attach supporting material such as a termination letter.
  • When attaching your documentation cover social security numbers and all, similar, private information prior to uploading the document.
  • In the explanation field specify how long you have been unemployed or what your situation is.
Please enter all fields prior to submitting. You will likely need to scroll down.

Group Discount

Group discounts are for those sending three or more attendees to one event, or for organizations sending multiple attendees to multiple events .

Grow-Lean offers group discounts.

  • For those sending three or more attendees to any one training event.
  • For those sending seven or more to multiple events, with at least three at each event.
Discounts are not combinable, are offered at the discretion of Grow-Lean, and there is a limited number allocated for each class. If you are interested please complete the form below. If you don't here from us in 24 hours, please send an email to grow-lean-training@grow-lean.com.

If receive a discount link from us, your discount will remain valid until the time limit or total count threshold is reached, whichever is first, even if the discount was approved. As such please register soon after receiving the link.

Our trainers have trained several thousand people, and we receive high training reviews.If you send attendees to our class they will not only get the basic facts and mechanics, but you will also get an understanding of agile that will help you grow agile in your organization.

Request a Group Discount

Provide Your Information.

Provide your information in the form below providing us contact information and telling us how many attendees you are looking to send and to how many sessions. For group discounts we generally will require a short discussion prior to providing the discount. This conversation will allow us to better understand your needs and for us to better explain our policies.

Certified ScrumMaster
Sat 4/18 - Sun 4/19
Live Online
Regular Price: $1,295