Certified Scrum Professional - Product Owner (CSP-PO)


Overview of Grow-Lean Certified Scrum Product Owner®

The Certified Scrum Professional - Product Owner, a.k.a. the CSP-PO is pen ultimate level in the Product Owner pathway. It covers advanced techniques for Product Owner (PO) activities for those with deep experience in the area, allowing you to apply empirical product development approaches to mitigate risk, increase predictability, and improve business outcomes.


  • Ready to take your PO skill-set to the next level?
  • Want a 100% live course with nothing pre-recorded?
  • Want to create great outcomes for your organizations instead of building to specification?

Then elevate your game by earning the CSP®-PO with Grow-Lean.

Pick up where the A-CSPO left off and solidify approaches for validating product assumptions, growing engagement, forecasting effectively, and coordinating across teams.

  • You leave with practical techniques to address your work challenges and to leverage opportunities.
  • You are positioned for journey to guide level certifications including the Certified Scrum Trainer (CST), Certified Team Coach (CTC) and Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC).

Address Myths

Avoid myths that hold Product Owners back.

  • "As a, I want to, So that": Is it a great idea to write all stories in the same format? In our experience there is no one correct way to write your backlog items. We cover a variety of styles so you can use what works in your context. You will likely find that you will benefit from several styles.
  • PO a conduit of information flow: Think it is a great idea to meet with customers, gather requirements, then explain it all to the developers? Perhaps you can spend your time more wisely by engaging those who want, and those who create, together. This allows you to focus your time on the more strategic objective of discovering what to build and in what sequence.
  • Going live is risky: Ultimately, the only way to know if your strategy works is to go live and measure actual business outcomes. Any time you go live with something new there is a risk, but you need to weight this against the alternative as there is great risk in delaying the go-live event as learning is the ultimate answer to uncertainty.

Why choose our training?

Because you will...

  • Experience a blend of exercises, real-world case studies, engaging games, short videos and more.
  • Oscillate between theory and application to illustrate the wide gulf between what is possible in truly agile teams and organizations and the way that they often perform in today’s business environments.
  • Leave ready to take your product team to the next level through pragmatic tips and stories from the instructor’s decades of consulting experience, as well as learning from often equally experienced fellow students.

Because you get...

  1. Deep discussion and learning.
  2. A 100% live collaborative session.
  3. Meaningful answers to questions.
  4. Case studies and real-life examples.

Plus, you will laugh! We provide edutainment so that you have energy that drives retention.

Certified Scrum Professional - Product Owner (CSP-PO) Sessions

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Ready to take your PO skill-set to the next level? Want a 100% live course with nothing pre-recorded? Elevate your career by earning the CSP®-PO with Grow-Lean. Pick up where the A-CSPO left off and solidify approaches for validating product assumptions, grow engagement, forecast effectively, and coordinate across teams.

Learn how avoid common myths including the universal use of “As a, I want to, So that” story format and leave ready to move from adhering to specification to discovering and building to value.


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Mon 12/13 9:00 AM (EST)  -  Tue 12/14 5:30 PM (EST) Live Online* $1,495 ,  $1,295 until 12/7 Get Info      Register   
Tue 1/11 9:00 AM (EST)  -  Wed 1/12 5:30 PM (EST) Live Online* $1,495 ,  $1,195 until 12/10 Get Info      Register   
Thu 1/27 9:00 AM (EST)  -  Fri 1/28 5:30 PM (EST) Live Online* $1,495 ,  $1,195 until 12/10 Get Info      Register   
Mon 2/21 9:00 AM (EST)  -  Tue 2/22 5:30 PM (EST) Live Online* $1,495 ,  $1,195 until 12/10 Get Info      Register   

Discounts for Every Situation

Choose from the widest variety of discounts based on your circumstances.

What You Learn...

The agenda for the session is shown.

  • The Role of the Product Owner in its many forms: How does the theory of the role compare with the reality at your organization? Learn how to make the most of your position based upon the type of business you’re in, the products or services that you helm, the lifecycle in which those products exist, your organization’s maturity and more.
  • Advanced stakeholder and customer engagement: Product Owners hear a lot about “saying no,” an appropriate thought given that much of their job boils down to scope management with perspective, but this is much easier said than done. Work through a variety of real-world situations that veer from the ideal and learn how you can work most effectively you're your unique set of stakeholders.
  • Launching new Scrum teams and projects: Learn how to rapidly but thoughtfully kick off a new team or new engagement, considering how to properly align roles, create a basis for appropriate collaboration between the team and stakeholders, and communicate a compelling vision along with practical means to measure progress against it.
  • Scaling to larger projects: Explore how and when to apply multiple teams against a common goal with a coherent backlog, intelligent dependency management and proper synchronization… without falling into a host of common traps.
  • Designing and communicating product strategy: Practice crafting and comparing business models, creating targeted experiments, and prioritizing opportunities by value, time and economic impact.
  • Advanced backlog and release management: Delve into a variety of techniques for prioritizing the backlog in tricky situations, creating long-term roadmaps without sacrificing adaptability, optimizing release strategies and demonstrating return on investment for agile efforts.

...What You Earn

By taking the session you earn the chance to become a Certified Scrum Professional Product Owner (CSP-PO) as long as already have the A-CSPO Certification and are able to validate at least 24 months in the role of Product Owner, or Product Owner coach, over the last five years.

The CSP-PO will differentiate you, but more importantly the deep learning will allow you to interview with confidence and apply advanced techniques in the work place.

Immersive classroom exercises...

We use technologies including Miro, Mural, Google Slides, Google Jam Boards and others to create an interactive training experience.

You use these technologies in breakout rooms with class peers, learning Scrum and Agile hands on.

Why Choose Grow-Lean...

  • Small group of elite, experienced trainers.
  • Fair pricing, high quality.
  • Caring customer support before and after your training.
  • Delivery focused, not sales focused. You get what you paid for.
  • Everything is included. Don't get surprised by hidden fees!
  • Free retake within 120 days for any session at same or lower price.
  • Our trainers are actual practitioners. Don't trust talking heads!
  • Training material and approaches vetted by experts.