Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner (A-CSPO)

"Bring your product development challenges, aspirations, fears and dreams and together we will take you from adhering to specification to discovering and building to value."

Arlen and David - Your Grow-Lean Trainers

Overview of Grow-Lean Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner

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The Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner (A-CSPO) builds on the CSPO and helps experienced practitioners grow their ability to establish an actionable vision, validate and invalidate their hypotheses, to deliver more value. The Grow-Lean session interactive, experiential, disciplined, and does not use any slides. We explore topics through exercises that drive deep discussions and you leave ready to implement techniques the next day.

Details of Grow-Lean Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner (A-CSPO)

This is a unique class, based two plus decades of lean and agile experience by a lauded entrepreneur, presenter and consultant.

  • You utilize a variety of tools and techniques while learning about the mechanisms behind each.
  • You leave ready to customize these approaches for your own environment.

In the session you...

  • Explore real-world scenarios
  • Participate in deep simulations
  • Learn from the instructors long lean and agile background
  • Learn from the experience of others while sharing your own

The result is like a consulting experience; just more fun.

Participants should have a minimum of a year experience in a product role and those with relatively little experience, as well as those with deep experience, should find value in this course, as the session assesses personal situations and is consistently reoriented toward creating practical paths forward for you and the other participants.

Why choose our training? You get...

  1. Deep discussion and learning.
  2. A 100% live collaborative session.
  3. Meaningful answers to questions.
  4. Case studies and real-life examples.

Plus, you will laugh! We provide edutainment so that you have energy that drives retention.

Upcoming Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner (A-CSPO) Sessions

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Sat 12/18 9:00 AM (EST)  -  Sun 12/19 5:30 PM (EST) Live Online* $1,295 ,  $995 until 12/10 Get Info      Register   
Thu 1/13 9:00 AM (EST)  -  Fri 1/14 5:30 PM (EST) Live Online* $1,295 ,  $995 until 12/10 Get Info      Register   
Mon 2/7 9:00 AM (EST)  -  Tue 2/8 5:30 PM (EST) Live Online* $1,295 ,  $995 until 12/10 Get Info      Register   
Thu 2/24 9:00 AM (EST)  -  Fri 2/25 5:30 PM (EST) Live Online* $1,295 ,  $1,195 until 12/10 Get Info      Register   

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What You Learn...

Key Learning Areas are shown. As an advanced class we cover these topics in depth.

  • Elevating the PO Role : Make the case for a strong PO with an appropriate amount of authority and autonomy
  • Engaging Stakeholders : Bringing stakeholders with divergent interests and strong personalities together and helping them align
  • Scaling the Role : Work across teams and organizations
  • Moving Beyond Scrum : Applying ideas and techniques from Lean Startup and Kanban
  • Finding Value : Discovering true needs instead of trying to build to spec
  • Aligning with Legacy : Working with legacy systems and waterfall teams
  • Applying DevOps : Applying CI/CD to get to market frequently and drive learning loops
  • Dealing with Change : Working with constant priority changes by businesses and stakeholders
  • Roadmapping with Agility : Planning out several years into the future while remaining agile
  • Measuring and Reporting : Creating transparency into progress
  • Executing with Excellence : Designing and facilitating more effective Scrum events
  • Using Collaborative Modeling : Increase trust, speed and product quality with collaborative modeling

...What You Earn

By taking the session you earn the chance to become an Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner (A-CSPO) as long as you meet requirements for work experience (one year a Product Owner or similar role) and have a CSPO certification.

The advanced certification will differentiate you, but more importantly the deep learning will allow you to interview with confidence and apply advanced techniques in the work place.

Go Beyond Scrum

As an advanced class we go beyond Scrum and cover how to grow with practices from other agile frameworks:

  • XP and DevOps: Engineering practices to continuously deliver quality.
  • SAFe®, LeSS® Scrum@Scale®: Align multiple teams on one endeavor.
  • Kanban: Limit WIP, increase focus and create flow.
  • Lean: Apply the mindset from the mother of agile.
  • Lean Startup®: Apply build-measure-learn loops to improve outcomes.

Don't stop at Scrum. Come to this session and learn how to apply ideas from a variety of frameworks.

Practice Quizzes?

Yes, practice quizzes.

There is no exam for your certification, but you can still get significant benefit from our practice quizzes as they help ensure you know the basics so your classroom experience can focus on the big picture.

  • The practice quizzes are active learning that increases retention.
  • They apply what cognitive science calls retrieval practice.
  • Retrieval practice makes learning challenging which helps you remember the material.

If you have time prior to the session use them as a refresher. Or perhaps, during the session you notice some weak spots and review the quizzes post class to fill in the knowledge gaps.

Immersive classroom exercises...

We use technologies including Miro, Mural, Google Slides, Google Jam Boards and others to create an interactive training experience.

You use these technologies in breakout rooms with class peers, learning Scrum and Agile hands on.

Why Choose Grow-Lean...

  • Small group of elite, experienced trainers.
  • Fair pricing, high quality.
  • Caring customer support before and after your training.
  • Delivery focused, not sales focused. You get what you paid for.
  • Everything is included. Don't get surprised by hidden fees!
  • Free retake within 120 days for any session at same or lower price.
  • Our trainers are actual practitioners. Don't trust talking heads!
  • Training material and approaches vetted by experts.