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Bring a Training On-site

Save money, save time, bring the training to your location for ten or more attendees.

Private training is an effective option for organization with groups of ten or more. You can save on travel and have the content customized to your specific circumstances.

We offer both certified, non-certified courses and custom course on-site. A central certifying agency, like the Scrum Alliance, Scaled Agile Academy or the Project Management Institute creates the learning objectives for certified courses.

We follow a disciplined approach in preparing for a training session, working with you to identify the appropriate training, and gathering feedback prior to the event. We stay after class to ensure all attendees have the opportunity to review issues relevant to them, and we follow up after the training event so the attendees have had time to think about the training and the questions they may have.

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Classes We Offer Privately

We offer many courses privately and can customize to your needs.

We offer both certified and non-certified courses as private sessions. A central certifying agency, like the Scrum Alliance, Scaled Agile Academy or the Project Management Institute approves the certified courses. Sessions we offer privately, include these and more.

  • Scrum Alliance: Certified ScrumMaster, Certified Product Owner & Certified Scrum Developer
  • Scaled Agile Academy: Leading SAFe
  • Project Management Institute: PMI ACP™ Prep Course
  • Non Certified: Agile Executive Orientation, Engineering for Leaders, Team Workshop, Requirement Workshop, Kanban, Lean Enterprise

Most Popular Private Courses

Our most popular private courses are listed below.

Click on any of them to find out more about them. Please contact us to find out even more about these and other sessions, including those customized for your particular needs.

Training Style - A Mix of Methods

We mix a variety of methods to ensure that you have fun and grow your knowledge.

We keep the training session fun and energetic to you help you retain what you learn. We use diverse techniques, combining exercises, games, skits, videos, simulations, immersions, discussion, and yes, even traditional slides, resulting in a multi-sensory learning experience.

You learn more about agile by doing agile.

You will create skits, games and other learning aids, then use them in the classroom to teach others. You will apply an agile process to create these learning aids, thus learning agile by doing agile. You will also learn from your peers, not just the trainer.

Every journey towards agile growth is different so you will hear about real challenges others have faced which will help you convert abstract concepts into practical reality.

Through feedback from thousands of participants we have found this immersive, multi-pronged approach results in the best post class outcomes for the majority of participants.